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Fuck you bigots and your mothers you rode in on!!

Prop 8 being upheld just makes me want to break some shit.  I went protesting in Santa Ana w/ the BF, saw some friends.  Too bad the traffic we stopped was a small street that was mostly blocked off anyways lol.  I don't know how we in the gay community keep putting our hope in humanity w/ all the shit that keeps happening, but what I do know is that homosexuals earned the title Gay, meaning happy, because we can still put on a brave face, smile and continue to have hope and party like it's 1999.  Are we just delusional though?  Ugh.   Where's Girlicious @ when you need them to sing "Lets do some stupid shit!"
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Writer's Block: Going Greener

How could you better “green” your life? What’s holding you back?
I try and use less water when Showering or brushing my teeth but sometimes I'm just too comfortable w/ it running.

I understand paying more for organic food (does this count?  Whatevs, imma make it count lol) since it does not last as long as preserved items, but paying more for recycled items, eg: paper goods or plastics goods, even those shopping bags, why?  I'd be helping to prevent the need to cut down more plants or dig up the planet.  and those Go Green bags aren't useful when you're filling your pantry.  They are too small and I'm not going to take more than one trip to the store.

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Bacon Piece de resistance!!

<img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3552/3400291158_d5317613d6.jpg?v=0">

My guy and I are so whack, lol, that we live for bacon and get lbs of the various kinds from Whole Foods. Kinda OT: That store is amazing and I wish I was rich to buy everything there. Anywho, we made this delectable dish a couple months back, our first adventure making dinner together as only we would, lol. It's black forest bacon (the darker one) and dry rubbed (or slab) bacon.

The black forest is an Orgasm in your mouth, no lie. Salty and sweet.

I figure I shall post any further adventures in cooking here.
Thank you for you time!
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Sad Times

I have no LJ friends, I'm bored and worst, I'm watching Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins on HBO.  Dear GAWD!

This post is pointless, lol.
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Recent Movies I saw / Oscar Wishlist

My Bloody Valentine: 2/5
Underworld 3: 3/5
Milk: 4/5
Doubt: 4/5
Curious Case of benjamin Button: 3/5
Notorious: 3.5/5

Best Actress: Meryl Streep

Best Actor: Sean Penn

Best Suppt. Actress: Terajin Penson

Best Suppt. Actor: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Best Picture: Milk (overall Message and inspiration and tragedy)
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